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About me

I’m a Product and Design Manager based in Hamburg. I believe in the power of Design Thinking and user-centered work practices for organizations and I love to grow and nurture Product, UX and Design teams for this purpose. Currently, I’m Director UX & Research at (a venture from the Nucom group), where we’re keen to build the #1 plattform for house owners and craftsmen in Germany. Before that I worked for companies like XING, Lotto24, dmTech and OTTO.

What I do

My work

My personal mission is to create successful products, which combine high business impact and high user value. 

Vision, Strategy & Execution

Visions are essentials guides into the possible future, strategy is about making the way ahead clear and aligning with the execution.

Customer Experience &  Discovery

Setting the focus on solving real customer problems and a continuous discovery process is key for successful product development. 

Outcome driven &  Agile

Agile and outcome-driven is how you do today product development, but establishing it is often harder then it sounds.

Team Building & Empowerment

Only empowered teams are successful teams. The right mindset, the right skills and clear roles and responsibilities are important.


Here are some of the wonderful clients and companies I've worked with until now.

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Do you want to connect or exchange ideas?

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